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About Us

Accessible Mojo are passionate about inclusivity and accessibility. We believe that a fully informed world is a better world, and our mission is to help create this.

We understand hoteliers’ frustrations and lack of understanding when it comes to accessibility and we’re here to help. Our founders are United Nations certified accessibility specialists, passionate about improving the customer experience across the hospitality industry.

It’s the startling market statistics however which are driving this. Accessible tourism is the fastest growing market in the tourism industry, yet the most underserved. Hotels have spent significant money on accessibility, with many installing specialised fully accessible bedrooms, yet rarely promote this fact.

Our aim is to support hotels to deliver relevant and accurate information for guests with any access needs, and to maximise the investment they’ve made in their facilities.

Over the last two years we’ve developed bespoke technology for accessibility in the hotel sector, and are committed to advancing and streamlining this technology to further support hotels in improving their accessibility offering.

Change is coming on a global scale, and Accessible Mojo are at the forefront of this.

Game changing technology

Breakthrough features for hotel accessibility

  • Innovative and easy to use accessibility vetting and integration toolkit
  • User-friendly interface presents hotel accessibility for customers with any type of accessibility needs
  • Our algorithm generates an Accessibility Rating score which is displayed on the hotel’s website
  • Guests can book your hotel directly through the iframe


The team behind Accessible Mojo

Stephen Cluskey


International Access Consultant. Award winning entrepreneur. Appointed by Irish Prime Minister to advise government on accessible transport.

Noelle Daly


International Access Consultant. Award-winning female entrepreneur. 21 years in the disability sector  specialising in accessible travel.

Richard Long

Html, PWA specialist

20+ years experience working on software development with multibillion-euro companies.

Jason Morgan

Design/Art Direction

20+ years experience and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world including Toyota, Telefonica, Enterprise Ireland and Bacardi.

Award Winners

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